Services + Pricing


Play Consultations

$150/hour —  Having read the play countless times before hand, this hour consultation will be focused on making sure the play is structurally sound. Character arcs and other aspects of the play will be analyzed in order to make sure the full potential of the playwright is revealed throughout the piece. Think of this as essentially a therapy session for your play.



Historical Research Services 

Variable hourly rate depending on time commitment— In many cases, your creative team is too busy with their other responsibilities to take the needed time to focus on the historical accuracy of the play. It is very beneficial to the play as a whole to bring on a team member whose focus is adhering to the historical integrity of the piece.




Production Dramaturg  

Negotiable based on contract —  If you are in the beginning developmental process of a new work, it is extremely beneficial to have a dramaturg attached to the project. A production dramaturg is someone who would be on constant call if the playwright, producer, or director might need their help. 



Festival Rates for the New York New Works Theatre Festival

$70/hour-  Alexandra Muscaro is the Playwriting Consultant for the New York New Works Theatre Festival and all services provided for the full cost consultation will be provided for those who are entered in the festival or for those who are hoping to submit to the festival in up coming seasons.