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Whether you need a fresh perspective at your next play reading, a team member devoted to fact checking the history of the piece, or someone to sit and bounce ideas off of, Purple Pen Dramaturgy is here for all your dramaturgical services. Purple Pen is devoted to helping you create art. Art imitates life, so it is perfectly natural for the path of a play to stray away from the playwright's original intention. And our founder Alexandra Muscaro believes that is where the true beauty of theatre lies. Alexandra has worked with many different kinds of writers and understands that each creative process is unique. There is no "cookie cutter" way to be a dramaturge, and each experience is specifically catered to whatever benefits the project the most.


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Whether you are a playwright in need of guidance, a producer who wants to give their playwright additional support, a director who desires a team researcher, or any member of the creative team who feels the project would benefit from a dramaturg's eye, Purple Pen Dramaturgy is here to help! 

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What Is A Dramaturg?

That is a completely reasonable question! Keeping in mind the expansive history of theatre, dramaturgs in U.S. theatre are a relatively new creative tool. However, dramaturgs have been around since the Ancient Greeks first invented theatre and have remained an invaluable resource.

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The Founder

Alexandra Muscaro has been dramaturging in New York since moving to the city in 2015.

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"My favorite part of the developmental process has to be all the discoveries the playwright and I make. I sometimes feel like an archeologist looking for clues, but instead of discovering lost worlds I help create new ones."

— Alexandra Muscaro

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